Por ex. "esqueci-me da palavra passe", "chat" ou "como apostar"


3. My Account

4. Deposits

4.3. I made a deposit, but the money is not in my account. What should I do?
You should e-mail us at

with the deposit proof, mentioning the account holder of the account used for the deposit. After verifying your proof, the money will be credited to your account.

6. Withdrawals

6.1. Do I have to validate my Account to make a withdrawal? How so?
Yes. You must send a copy of your identity documents, residence proof, and proof of titularity of the provider’s account to:
, or, as an alternative, sign in to your account, go to “My Account”, select “Identity Verification” and there you can directly submit your documents. After verification, you will receive a validation confirmation e-mail. Validation is only mandatory on your first withdrawal, however you can do it at any moment.
6.2. How do I withdrawal from my Casino Balance?
Transfer the amount you want to withdrawal to the Sports Bets Balance. Then, file for withdrawal from the Sports Bets Balance. If you have any Sports Bets’ active bonus, you will have to meet the minimum betting requirements – otherwise, by withdrawing, your bonus balance and all the associated wins will be taken from your balance.
6.3. May I transfer money to a friend’s account?
Money transfers between different users’ accounts is strictly forbidden by Law.
6.4. I made a withdrawal request and still haven’t received the money on my account. processes all withdrawal requests within a 48 working hours’ period. After being processed, it will take the normal interbank transfer period: 3 to 5 days. If your account was not validated upon first withdrawal request, the process will be a bit slower.
6.5. Can I cancel my movement requests?
Sign in to your account, go to “My Account” and in “Transactions” choose “Withdrawals”. The cancelation option is available only when the withdrawal request isn’t processed. After processing, it is not possible to cancel withdrawal requests.
6.6. Will I be charged with any withdrawal fees?
If the amount is of equivalent or higher value than 25 EUR, no fees will be charged. However, if you want to withdrawal a smaller amount than 24 EUR, you will have to pay a processing commission of 5 EUR.

8. Casino